Property risk management

​We aim to better understand and manage risks associated with your property portfolio. These risks may arise from your staffed buildings, leased premises, public facilities and/or fleet, plant and equipment.

We can support you through:

Property risk assessments

We can provide on-site risk assessments for your facilities, premises and buildings based on key risks associated with;

  • Construction materials
  • Occupancy type and activities
  • Property protection measures
  • Exposure to natural hazards and/or disruption incidents

More detailed property risk assessments are available based on high property value, significant properties or if they are located in high risk areas.

We also provide property risk assessment templates (pdf) for you to undertake your own property risk assessments.

Fleet risks

Risk exposures to your fleet are made up of a combination of factors associated with drivers, vehicles, journey/operation of vehicles and their governance framework. If these risks are not managed consequences can manifest into:

  • Safety and wellbeing impacts to your workers
  • Disruption to activities and services
  • Damage to reputation
  • Increased costs

We can assist you to understand and manage your fleet risk exposure and minimise those consequences by:

  • Undertaking analysis and benchmarking of claims data to determine trends and areas of concern.
  • Assisting you with the development and implementation of fleet risk treatment strategies customised to your risk exposure.
  • Coordinating detailed fleet risk assessments to undertake an in-depth look into all the risk factors.

Risk management guides

For more information please contact risk and governance services team on 08 9483 8888.