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​ ​​Our History​

In the early 1990’s there was widespread dissatisfaction from local governments across Western Austra​lia with the traditional insurance market. Many had difficulty obtaining cover, others were insured in a variety of ways, such as directly with underwriters or through brokerage firms.

This prompted WALGA to review and explore the options available to the sector. From that review came a vision for a new approach where local governments could work together to take control of the cost of risk. That vision became a reality in 1995 with the commencement of the Mutual Liability Scheme and the WorkCare workers compensation Scheme.

1996 saw the commencement of risk management and support programs for members. The principles and philosophy of the risk management support programs LGIS offers is to add value to your organisation by ensuring any sources of risk are managed and controlled. It’s been a progressive evolution of comprehensive and integrated risk management support services ensuring any sources of risk are managed and controlled for your peace of mind. What started as a single-insurance scheme has developed into a comprehensive self-insurance, risk management and wellbeing one-stop-shop purely for WA Local Government.

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