When an injury occurs

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W​hen an injury occurs it is your responsibility as an employer to immediately ensure the worker receives appropriate treatment. The guide below outlines the steps to follow in your workplace. More information on the rights and responsibilities of those involved in the injury management process can be found in the LGIS Injury management system.

The guide below outlines the steps to follow when an injury occurs in your workplace.​


​​​​Early intervention program

Outcomes for injured workers can be improved by early identification and coordinated physical and psychological treatment.

Early intervention practices have proven to be effective in fostering a happy and healthy workplace, one that promotes a commitment to the health and wellbeing of your workers.

Early intervention offers the following benefits:

  • Displays management's commitment to workers             
  • Prevents long-term absence from work               
  • Increases the likelihood of return to work           
  • Creates a positive workplace culture      
  • Reduces cost of workers compensation claims         

LGIS has developed an early intervention process to support you in achieving a timely and effective return to work following a workplace injury. Successful implementation relies on close cooperation and consultation between the injured worker, medical practitioners, you the member, and LGIS.

Key to this process is that you provide early notification to LGIS of a workplace incident or injury. Please refer to the early intervention program for further information, or should further advice or assistance be required please contact the LGIS injury management team: