Organisational risk management.

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our risk environment is characterised by established well known risks and controls, increasing threats and vulnerabilities from emerging and evolving risks. These emerging and evolving risks often come with larger consequences, short decision making times and can impact over a long period of time. Examples include our reliance on technology, social media and natural disasters.

A governance approach though organisational / enterprise risk management is an effective way for you to have assurance that you are well positioned to navigate this uncertain environment. This approach also provides you with a degree of confidence that your systems and procedures in relation to risk management and internal controls are appropriate and effective.

Key components of a governance approach to managing risk include;

  1. Organisational mandate, direction and documented risk management framework
  2. Engagement and awareness of roles and responsibilities
  3. Regular monitoring and reporting
  4. Assurance and continual improvement programs

With our understanding of local government, we can customise, apply, integrate and optimise your risk management principles, framework and processes. This can maximise the benefits of risk management, by influencing your decision making and guide your planning processes. Our services are tailored to your needs and can comprise of: