Aquatic risks

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We assist you to improve safety and manage risks associated with your coastlines, inland waterways and swimming pools. We provide advice, risk assessments, on-site support and partner with industry peak bodies such as Royal Life Saving Society WA (RLSSWA).

You are responsible for the management and operation of a number of aquatic environments including:

  • Active recreational aquatic environments – swimming pools, beaches, rivers and dams
  • Passive recreational aquatic environments – ornamental ponds, water features and lakes
  • Non recreational aquatic environments- swales, stormwater drains, sumps, irrigation channels and cooling ponds.

We possess industry leading expertise in the identification and management of the many unique risks associated with these environments and we are uniquely placed to be able to provide solutions that meet your complex requirements.

Our range of aquatic risk management services include:

To ensure the ongoing currency of our recommendations we work together with industry experts, such as RLSSWA, in water safety and the custodians of the water safety standards and guidelines. This ensures that you are provided services that represent, and are consistent with, industry best practice.

Royal Life Saving Society WA

​The latest statistics on aquatic safety assessments for local government are compiled in the The Western Australian Aquatics Industry Report 2015-16. Download the two-page report (infographic format) from Royal Life Saving Society WA here​.​

Ongoing research conducted here in WA provides RLSSWA with detailed knowledge of the frequency and type of risks in aquatic environments. This expertise, combined with an experienced and dedicated team that can assist any local government responsible for the management of an aquatic environment works ​to achieve a balance between form, function, operational efficiency, amenity and safety.

For more information please contact our risk and governance services team on 08 9483 8888.

RLSSWA is an acknowledged leader in water safety and the risk management of aquatic environments. They form part of an international network that is the International Lifesaving Federation. This network ensures that RLSSWA is at the forefront of world’s best practice.​