Waste facilities

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Waste management is a critical service function of your organisation. With growing concerns regarding the increasing contribution of waste to landfill, waste facilities have become an evolving operational environment. As a result of this concern, we understand there is a community expectation that waste facilities will offer accessible recycling and controlled disposal of various products and items. With this accessibility, comes the opportunity for the public to interact with certain operational elements of waste facilities, and therefore be exposed to associated hazards and risks.

We can assist you with identifying public liability risks and recommending treatment measures to manage these risks, to an acceptable level at your facility.

Our services to you can include:

  • Site risk assessments
  • Signage and warnings recommendations
  • General public risk advice

Where we provide guidance with consideration to:

  • Facility design
  • Facility operation
  • Facility management; and
  • Security

For more information please contact the risk and governance services team on 08 9483 8888