Injury prevention

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Injury prevention is a key component of workplace health and wellbeing programs. Our injury prevention services are focused on being proactive to assist you with preventing and reducing injuries in the workplace. Training sessions are interactive and engaging in order to maximise understanding and empower workers to apply the principles on an ongoing basis in their work roles.  

Ergonomic assessments

Local government workers are spending more time sitting at work.  Without an ergonomic workstation set up this can lead to pain, discomfort and injury.

The following guidelines are designed to assist workers with setting up their workstations in accordance with basic ergonomic principles to minimise the risk of musculoskeletal pain and discomfort.

LGIS injury prevention services can assist with assessing the workstation and making adjustments and recommendations to ensure it suits the worker.

The following ergonomic services (pdf) are available and are offered as complimentary benefits to LGIS members.

  • ​30-minute individual ergonomic assessment
  • 90-minute ergonomic workshop
  • 90-minute sit - stand workstation ergonomic workshop
  • Machine operator ergonomic workshop

Manual task training

Manual tasks are a major cause of injuries in the workplace. Manual tasks are physical work activities that can be defined as any activity requiring a person to use a part of the musculoskeletal system in performing their work.

If performed incorrectly manual tasks  can be hazardous; potentially causing musculoskeletal disorders which can lead to injury, disease or death.

The following manual task services (pdf) are available and are complimentary benefits to LGIS Scheme members.

  • ​One-hour manual task training session
  • Three-hour manual task training session

The following services are available through our injury prevention team on a fee-for-service basis. The costs will be determined based on the scope of works required.

  • ​​Job dictionaries / job task analysis
  • Manual task training for home and community care workers
  • Office ergonomic 'train the trainer' workshop
  • One-on-one manual handling coaching for high-risk work groups

The following resources have been developed to assist our members with the prevention and reduction of workplace injuries:

To order resources please contact Lauren Wojas, Manager – WorkCare Services on 9483 8818 or download the order forms.​