Injury prevention


Injury prevention is a key component of any workplace health and wellbeing program. Our injury prevention team are focused on proactive and strategic services to assist our members with reducing the risk of manual task injuries in the workplace. Our services are interactive and engaging, and focus on outcome based learnings to empower workers to apply the principles on an ongoing basis in their roles.

Our services aim to target the lifecycle of an employee time in your workplace:

Phase 1 – Employment

This phase provides services and resources which assist local governments to improve their employment processes and documentation, with a key focus on the physical demands of the role.

  • Job dictionaries (member log in required)
    • 32 job dictionaries for members to access for pre-employment and return to work purposes

Phase 2 – Induction

This phase provides members with resources and online tools which are available immediately for all LGIS members. These resources allow members to provide service and resources to all staff members at any time.

Phase 3 – Operational

This phase includes the injury prevention team's core services which focus on manual task awareness and ergonomics. The injury prevention team provide ongoing education and resources to members throughout their staff's working life, whilst focusing on specific manual task issues raised through member engagement.

Phase 4 – Strategic

This phase demonstrates the proactive and strategic focus of the injury prevention team. The team identify key trends within the scheme statistics, and proactively engage members and provide services and strategies to implement practical controls for high risk manual tasks.

  • Manual task risk management program (PErforM)
  • Early intervention program
  • Focused projects for specific injury trends

Additional resources

If you are interested in any of these services, or want to discuss how our injury prevention team can help your local government, email  or call 9484 8888.