Property protection

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The Scheme provides discretionary protection for member's property assets, stock, plant and machinery, computers and electronic equipment. Cover has been specifically tailored to protect the risks of local government with an understanding of the financial implications of high deductibles, removal of standard sub-limits and increased flexibility in managing income loss arising from disruption caused to your property from an event covered under the protection wording.

The shared approach to risk and the strong financial position of the scheme allows LGIS Property to provide local governments with a stable platform to manage their property risk and limit their exposure to changing appetite of the traditional insurance markets.

Property risk assessments

Property risk assessments are an effective way of proactively assessing assets to ensure they continue to be at an acceptable risk. The assessments provide a profile of property risks and delivers valuable information to assess future needs for each local government. 

Property valuation rebates

A significant risk to your local government is an asset that is not adequately covered which may have significant implication on your finances. To assist you in adequately covering your assets, the LGIS Property Scheme offers a 40% rebate to local governments who undertake a formal insurance valuation by a licensed valuer.

You may wish to utilise the WALGA approved valuation professionals via the WALGA preferred supplier list.

The 40% rebate is subject to:

  • The use of a Certified Practicing Valuer (CPV)
  • Your asset schedules being updated in-line with the valuers recommendations
  • You providing confirmation of the valuers costs have been settled by way of a paid invoice


The LGIS claims team has managed losses ranging from a lost mobile phone to catastrophic losses such as major fires, cyclones, bushfire and earthquakes.  Our dedicated claims team manage every aspect of all property claims.  We are here to provide advice, guidance and strategic management of claims with a view to reduce your potential liability exposures and claims costs.