Financial Wellbeing

Financial pressures can be a significant stress factor for some and its impacts can spill over into personal and work life.

LGIS have partnered with the Financial Counsellors' Association of WA to provide all local government employees with our financial wellbeing workshops.

These workshops aim to support people to build financial resilience, providinga range of tools and strategies to manage your money during times of personal challenge.

Workshops also provide information on the support mechanisms available  such as the national debt helpline, develop an understanding of how free financial counselling can help, and the importance of seeking assistance early.

Click on the links below to access the online workshops.

For in-person financial wellbeing seminars and services, please email for more information.

Your money, your way - part 1

Managing your money, tools and resources to make it work for you!

  • Understanding financial stressors and wellbeing
  • Appreciating existing strengths
  • Building on your strengths
  • Savings Tools and Resources
  • Support options

Your money, your way - part 2

We continue the financial wellbeing journey by taking a more hands on approach to improving your overall financial health.

  • Learn ways to identify your financial position with useful steps and templates
  • Follow-on with everyday personal money management systems
  • Explore money management skills and habits to improve your overall financial health and wellbeing
  • Work through goal setting as an important tool in improving your savings outcomes

Plan for your future, understanding your super

How to plan a life after retirement is a big question most working people face. The rising cost of living, which has seen healthcare, petrol and food soar to new heights has placed pressure on many people's retirement plans. ABS data shows that in 2018–19, there were 3.9M retirees in Australia aged 45 and over, with an average retirement age of 55.4.

Considering that the current life expectancy in Australia in 2022 is 83.79 (as per The United Nations World Population Prospects), are your super funds enough to help you sail through your post retirement life?

Protecting your lifestyle

Discover the personal insurances available and why you may need them. What is salary continuance or life insurance and should it be linked to your super?  This webinar will covers following topics:

  • Understanding your personal insurance needs
  • Understanding different types of insurance
  • What happens to my super when I die?
  • Personal insurance checklist

Reducing your debt

Is your money controlling you and how you live your life? Turn the tide by getting free information on your strengths and taking back control.

  • Strategies to reduce your debts and be financially fit
  • Mortgage options and resources
  • Budgeting basics strategy
  • Maximising debt reduction processes and tips

Unexpected Financial Hits – Preparing to be Financially Resilient

 This session covers unexpected financial hits ( for example loss of job, relationship breakdown and illness), and how you can navigate their impact on your lifestyle and overall wellbeing.

  • Preventative tools to ride out unexpected events
  • Options available to you to navigate the impact of unexpected financial hits
  • Support – how financial counsellors can work alongside you during the unexpected event