Health and wellbeing program


We provide a broad range of health and wellbeing services to our members, which continues to be a highly valued part of the mutual scheme benefit. 

The program is designed to create healthy workplaces, and improve awareness and lower health and wellbeing risk factors. We believe that this not only leads to improved health outcomes, safety performance, and staff retention, it also reduces workers compensation claims.

Members receive an annual funding allocation and gain access to a range of health services through a number of professional service providers. The service offerings have been refined to ensure they are evidence based in terms of their impact in raising health awareness and improving health risk factors at an individual level. The program will provide services in areas including; health screening, education, and lifestyle and behavioural services.

For a quick summary of the programs features please see the health and wellbeing flyer.

The following services are available through the LGIS Health and Wellbeing program:

Health screening and education

  • Health assessments
  • Skin cancer screening
  • Flu vaccinations
  • Health education
  • Financial wellbeing workshops

Lifestyle and behavioural

Diet and exercise services

  • Nutrition workshops
  • Exercise programs and classes

Online behavioural change services

  • App based lifestyle programs
  • Virtual health consultations
  • Virtual exercise classes

Mental health

  • Resilience, stress management and social wellbeing

To help employees in your local government who are responsible for the planning and implementation of your workplace health program, LGIS has a guide to creating a healthier workplace (pdf)​. It provides instructions and resources on developing a workplace health program that is tailored to your local government’s needs and worker’s interests.

Other resources and templates that may be useful:

We can provide support, resources and advice to assist you to develop a workforce health plan that meets your local government's needs and objectives.

This approach to workforce health and wellbeing allows you to:

  • Select health services that align with your respective human resource priorities
  • Target specific areas that currently influence workers compensation claims
  • Choose from a panel of providers to deliver the services
  • Include elected members in the program

For further information please contact or call 08 9483 8817.