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Training and upskilling your workforce plays a key part in mitigating people risks. Enhancing the skills of your workers in dealing with day to day people issues in your local government also helps to minimise stress and unproductive behaviours in the workplace. This in turn helps to prevent stress claims, maximise productivity, foster good morale and create a safer workplace for everyone.

LGIS offers a range of interactive training workshops for local government to support your workforce in a number of different areas: These include:

  • Communicating in difficult situations
  • Constructive communication in the workplace
  • Empowerment – feeling empowered to contribute in your workplace
  • Getting it all done – time management
  • Mental health awareness
  • Performing under pressure – building resilience
  • Working well – looking after yourselves in body, mind, heart and soul
  • Mental skills training – how not to get your buttons pressed

All training workshops outlined above are designed to be highly flexible to allow for the content and approach to be adapted to your local government. Please refer to the table below for more information on these training workshops.

Please contact us on 08 9483 8888 or to discuss training and workforce upskilling workshops that can be of assistance to your local government.

Course nameDurationDescription
At the coalface/ communicating in difficult situations3.5 hoursDeveloping communication and self-management skills for workers and leaders from across a variety of departments to address workplace issues associated with public contact roles
Communication3.5 hours (ideally full day)Providing support to workers and leaders from across a variety of departments on how to effectively communicate with workers and customers.
Empowerment3.5 hoursSupporting workers and leaders with the skills to contribute to a supportive and positive workplace culture.
Getting it all done – time management3.5 hoursProviding staff and leaders with time management tips and tricks including how to prioritise, delegate, minimise time wasting activities and manage distractions and technology.
Mental health awareness
  • 2 hours – staff
  • 3 hours - managers
Providing workers at all levels of the organisation with an awareness of mental health issues in the workplace including prevalence, symptoms, treatment and available resources.
Performing under pressure3.5 hoursBuilding resilience at all levels of the organisation and adopting strategies to manage stress which include effective priority management and developing skills to reduce pressure.
Working well3.5 hoursDeveloping workers to look after themselves in four different ways (body, mind, heart and soul) in order to thrive at work.

** Disclaimer: Please note that these are examples of workshops that can be run. However all workshops are tailorable to your needs.