Psychological safe program


The introduction of the WA WHS Act (2020) marked a major turning point for workplaces. The Act emphasises the importance of addressing psychosocial safety alongside physical safety. Workplace psychological safety has always been important, with the introduction of the Act it has become of increased focus amongst most workplaces.

The growing recognition of the workplace's role on mental health reflects the complex challenges employees encounter. Stress, anxiety, depression, conflict, and burnout have become more prevalent.  As the working world continues to change at a fast pace, the need to create a psychologically safe work environment has never been more urgent.

LGIS's Psychological Safe program is designed to support our LG members create an environment where employees feel safe, share their concerns, and seek support when facing psychological challenges. It emphasizes fostering a culture of respect, professionalism, empathy, and open communication. The aim of the program is to help workplaces achieve mentally healthy environments that prevent and mitigate the impact of psychosocial hazards.

Addressing psychosocial hazards allows organisations to enhance the well-being of their workforce and improve overall productivity. Our program reflects the importance of reducing the stigma around workplace mental health issues and encourages early intervention.

We offer members a range of proactive services to address workplace issues aiming to prevent psychological injury. These services are included in LGIS membership and do not come at any extra costs to members.

Psychologically Safe Program Overview

Deliverables for the LGIS Psychologically Safe Program have been designed to include tertiary, secondary and primary interventions that target all levels within an organisation – i.e. individual, leadership, team, and organisation wide.


The program is broken up into four main parts: