Managing emergencies in facilities

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Managing emergencies in your facilities starts with the safety of your workers, contractors and visitors followed by asset protection considerations. We can assist in meeting the requirements for these critical functions that are aligned to the relevant Acts, Regulations and Standards, including:

  • Local Government Act and Regulations
  • Occupational Safety and Health Act and Regulations
  • Health Act and Regulations
  • Dangerous Goods Act and Regulations
  • AS 3745-2010 (May 2014) – Planning for emergencies in facilities
  • AS 4083:2010 – Planning for emergencies – Health Care Facilities
  • National Construction Code

In addressing the requirements, ask yourself the following questions in relation to your facilities:

  1. Do you have an emergency planning committee trained to strategically plan for organisational emergencies? (not your local emergency management committee or occupational safety and health committee)
  2. Do you have internal emergency (pdf) plans, procedures and defined roles in place? (not your local emergency management arrangements)
  3. Do you have a trained and documented warden structure (emergency control organisation) that is competent in the use of fire suppression equipment?
  4. Do you have evacuation diagrams (pdf) in all workplaces and facilities that meet current standards?

If any of the above are not in place, we can provide guidance and assistance to undertake these activities to ensure you meet your duty of care.

Embedding a solid foundation in managing emergencies will enhance the effectiveness of any disruptive emergency event that may require a business continuity response.

For assistance please contact the risk and governance services team on 08 9483 8888.