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You are exposed to a seemingly endless list of risks, all the while continually being asked to do more and more. LGIS is a no​t-for-profit industry based self-insurance scheme owned by over 145 Western Australian Local Governments and focussed on meeting your unique requirements. By pooling together in a self-insurance arrangement, you benefit from economies of scale and therefore avoid the volatility of the traditional insurance market.

​A key component of the self-insurance scheme is your ability to manage your exposure to risk. This is achieved by taking a coordinated approach to risk management, claims management and injury management that is holistic and seamless. The longer term view of the self-insurance arrangement means decisions and profits are not driven by the delivery of limited, short-term returns. By working together you benefit from:

  • The broadest possible protection that responds when required
  • Competitive pricing
  • The utmost security
  • A vehicle where the cost of risk can be balanced over time
  • The ability to accurately budget for the future
  • A proven track record of delivering sustainably low contributions even in the face of adverse claims outcomes
  • Dividend reimbursements
  • Complimentary risk management services and programs
  • More efficient service and better claims outcomes

The LGIS self-insurance Scheme is managed with sound commercial acumen, financial controls and efficient management. A trust deed sets out the structural arrangements of the Scheme and the Scheme rules directs the rights and obligations of you the members relating to operational matters.