Early intervention physiotherapy

From July 1 2023, all members have access to our early intervention physiotherapy program, which assists with managing workers experiencing aches and pains that are affecting their ability to do their work.

Early intervention is about identifying and responding to warning signs and reports of accidents and incidents in the workplace. Responding early can reduce the likelihood of a worker becoming ill or injured, taking long-term sick leave, or workers' compensation absences. Ensuring early access to treatment has also been shown to reduce the duration and severity of an injury or illness, enhancing recovery and facilitating an early return to work, resulting in lower claims costs and increased productivity.

We've partnered with Biosymm, a highly experienced early intervention specialist, to provide local government staff with fast physiotherapist access.

No matter if the injury was done at work or away from work – we can help your staff better manage their injury to avoid things getting worse, and providing support to get better. 


We want you to be fit and healthy, at work and at home. By reporting your musculoskeletal pain or discomfort, we can treat your ailments before they potentially turn into a significant injury.


Any local governments worker who has aches, pains or discomforts in their muscles or joints, which is affecting their ability to work.


The service is delivered by qualified physiotherapists, either via a secure video link, or in-person consults.


Participants receive access to an initial consult via secure video link, and, if required, three (3) physiotherapy sessions with a local provider (Based on location and clinical recommendations).

Early intervention physiotherapy FAQ

How can your staff access this innovative service?

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