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Injury Management within the Western Australian Workers Compensation System is a comprehensive approach that focuses on providing holistic care, support, and facilitating the return-to-work process for injured workers. This system recognises that an injury not only affects the physical well-being of an individual but also has a significant impact on their mental and emotional health. Therefore, it emphasises the importance of addressing all aspects of an individual's well-being to ensure a successful recovery and return to work.

The ultimate goal of Injury Management within the Western Australian Workers Compensation System is to facilitate the return-to-work process. The system recognises that work plays a vital role in an individual's overall well-being and recovery. Therefore, it focuses on creating a supportive and inclusive work environment that promotes the safe and timely return to work of injured workers. This may involve implementing workplace modifications, providing vocational training, and facilitating communication between the injured worker, healthcare professionals, and employers.

One of the key themes of Injury Management is early identification of biopsychosocial flags and provision of evidence based, holistic care to improve a worker's recovery and overall outcomes. This means that the system takes into account the physical, psychological, and social needs of injured workers. It recognises that a successful recovery requires a multidisciplinary approach, involving healthcare professionals, rehabilitation providers, and workplace representatives. Early identification and implementation of good evidence-based practices has been shown to improve return to work outcomes as well as overall wellbeing of an injured worker. Evidence shows early identification not only supports good outcomes but can also reduce the costs of claims.  The research - Australian Rehabilitation Providers Association (ARPA)

LGIS is committed to working with you to apply an integrated and holistic approach to managing injuries in the workplace. LGIS is a signatory to the Health Benefits of Good Work and committed to supporting Good Work and associated positive health outcomes. Our commitment extends to effectively minimising the financial and non-financial cost of injury to you our members, the injured worker, and ultimately the community.

Our Injury Management Team, work in collaboration with our members, injured workers, workplace rehabilitation providers as well as medical and allied health professionals, to bring the latest, evidence-based practice, holistic care, health innovations and drive outcomes.


For further information on how the Injury Management Team can support your injured workers please contact: