Off-road vehicle areas

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Designated off-road vehicle areas play an important role in the provision of facilities for unlicensed and unregistered off-road vehicles. They are an important strategy in reducing the incidence of illegal riding of unregistered vehicles in reserves, state forests, national parks, public roads and footpaths.

We are aware you face competing demands and challenges in administering the requirements and addressing all off-road vehicle stakeholder expectations including:

  • suitable areas for off-road vehicles
  • noise
  • safety
  • environmental damage
  • illegal riding
  • general nuisance
  • liability exposure and insurance implications
  • operational management, maintenance and resourcing requirements

To assist you make informed decisions regarding off-road vehicles and off-road vehicle areas, we have developed off-road vehicle area guidance notes (large pdf). The guidance notes provide practical considerations to managing the risks, issues and concerns of:

  1. Determining demand and suitable location for an off-road vehicle area.
  2. Designing and constructing an off-road vehicle area.
  3. Signage for an off-road vehicle area.
  4. Operating an off-road vehicle area.

For more information please contact the risk and governance services team on 08 9483 8888.