3 steps to safety

Assessing and reviewing safety practices is an important way to identify both your safety strengths and areas for improvements.

For Local Government members of the scheme, the people risk team work alongside you to provide and deliver a complimentary assessment program. Designed to achieve long term safety performance known as 3 steps to safety.

This program uses a three tiered approach, incorporating three steps that will assist you to improve, maintain and enhance your Workplace Health and Safety performance.

What are the 3 Tiers?

Recognising the diversity across local government and the different challenges you face, we have grouped members into three tiers based on full-time equivalent (FTE) numbers.

Tier 1 Up to 30Members who have limited safety policies, procedures or practices and resources to manage safety
Tier 231 to 99Members who have existing policies, procedures and practices that may vary in complexity
Tier 3≥ 100

Members who have well established policies, procedures and practices or who are performance-based.

Performance based is when your contributions are set by providing maximum and minimum contributions for each period of coverage.

Each tier has progressive safety requirements. What this means is that if you are assessed at tier 1, when you progress to tier 2, the requirements for tier 2 are in addition to what you have already completed, rather than having to start over. By making the requirements progressive, the program has been designed to enable you to continuously improve and enhance the way you manage safety.

What are the requirements?

The requirements are based on safety fundamentals.

Within all tiers there are 6 elements:

  1. Management commitment
  2. Consultation and communication
  3. Managing hazards
  4. Training and supervision
  5. Reporting and monitoring
  6. Volunteers

What are the 3 Steps?

Incorporating the 3 steps of assess, plan and act, we will work with you to help improve your safety performance.

  • Step 1: Assess - the first step is engaging LGIS to assess your safety practices
  • Step 2: Plan - action plans are developed in response to the assessment.
  • Step 3: Act: implementation of the plans.

We work with individual local governments to determine the most appropriate tier to get the best results. Should you require further information on the LGIS scoring methodology as well as evidence guides for each tier, please contact the People Risk team.

Diligence in Safety Award

Recognising positive safety performance is an important initiative for both Local Governments and LGIS. This is why we have a Diligence in Safety Awards process.

This program has been developed to reflect the 3 steps to safety program, aims to recognise good performers across the 3 tiers. Using the criteria below, each tier provides an opportunity to be rewarded for your good safety performance.

​Tier 1 Diligence in Safety Certificate​≥ 90% against Tier 1 Checklist
​Tier 2 Diligence in Safety Certificate​≥ 80% against Tier 2 Checklist
​Tier 3 Silver Diligence in Safety Certificate​≥ 75% against Tier 3 Checklist
​Tier 3 Gold Diligence in Safety Certificate​≥ 90% against Tier 3 Checklist


At the conclusion of the assessments, you will be informed if you were successful in achieving an award. If you are, we will liaise with you to determine a suitable date that the award can be presented to you.