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Good governance is the process involved in making and implementing decisions. It is not about making the perfect decision, but ensuring that in making the decision all the evidence was taken into consideration, the implications of the decision were considered, a risk analysis conducted and the process documented. In an era of increased scrutiny, accountability and transparency, good governance is essential.

Good decision making processes lead to good governance. We offer you a range of services in this sphere including support, training and education:

  • Providing feedback and information on compliance with legislative requirements in relation to specific risk exposures.
  • Briefing sessions to local governments on emerging and topical risk exposures and adopting evidence-based decision-making
  • Reviewing risk clauses in contracts and highlighting potential risk and liability exposures.
  • Providing guidance to local government members on emerging, sensitive, challenging and complex risks.

For information relating to governance other than those related to specific risk exposures please contact WALGA on 9213 2000.