Workplace rehabilitation providers

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Workplace rehabilitation providers (WRP) are able provide additional assistance to injured workers and employers in order to facilitate the return to work process. Approved WRP's are generally allied health professionals such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists or psychologists who have expertise in addressing physical, psychological and/ or workplace barriers that may prevent an injured working returning to work.

Who can refer to a Workplace Rehabilitation Provider?

An injured worker, employer or treating medical practitioner can initiate a referral to a WRP from a list of WorkCover accredited providers. In most cases, LGIS will make the referral to a WRP acting on your behalf. To comply with the conditions of approval, the WRP must ensure all parties agree to the referral for rehabilitation services and in all cases, the worker has the right to a choice of provider, should they choose.

To refer a worker for assistance with workplace rehabilitation, a WorkCover VR1 form should be completed. LGIS is able to complete this form on your behalf to initiate the rehabilitation process.

If you believe that an injured worker's situation warrants the intervention of a WRP, then the need for your referral should be discussed with your nominated LGIS injury management consultant as soon as possible.

Working together in this way is essential for obtaining good return to work outcomes for all parties involved.