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In addition to the LGIS Scheme coverage for workers compensation, public liability, professional indemnity, property, and bushfire volunteers, local governments have access, through LGIS insurance broking, to a wide range of insurance products, including but not limited to:

Aviation liability insurance

Covers the legal liability arising out of bodily injury to and/or property damage of third parties arising out of the ownership or operation of an airport, licensed airstrip, etc.

Statutory liability

Provides cover against fines, costs and expenses to defend innocent breaches of Commonwealth, State and Local Government Acts and Regulations.

Event cancellation

Covers financial loss resulting from an event being cancelled, postponed, abandon or curtailed due to an insured peril, which is outlined of the control of the event organiser and the event participants.

Environmental impairment liability

For personal injury or property damage caused by gradual pollution, and includes costs of cleaning up any substance which has/would cause environmental damage e.g. a discharge of sewage into a waterway.

Income protection

Enables WA Local Governments, as employers to cover employees for illnesses and injuries that occur outside the workplace, with up to 80% of fortnightly income replaced for a period of up to two years.

Employment practices liability

(section of the management liability insurance policy)

Indemnifies the Local Government and individual employees for damages and legal costs incurred in defending claims by employees with respect to break contract of employment and other employment-related claims.

Construction risks

Covers damage to buildings and other works during construction, renovation or extension, as well as liability for third party damage.


Insures losses resulting from misappropriation or embezzlement of money or goods by employees.

Councillors and officers cover

(section of the management liability insurance policy)

For individual Councillors and Officers in respect of claims for any alleged wrongful acts arising out of their official duties.

Inpatriat medical insurance

Covers medical expenses of inpatriated employees of the insured including their accompanying spouses and dependent children. This cover is beneficial for employees working on a 457 visa.

Journey injury top-up cover

Provides additional cover for lost wages or death and capital benefits, for injuries sustained by employees to and from work. This policy provides protection for nominated persons and selected benefits.

Marine hull

Covers physical loss of or damage to hulls, machinery, swimming platforms etc, caused by perils such as fire, explosion and perils of the sea.

Transit insurance

Provides cover for physical loss of or damage to goods being transported locally by sea/air/road/rail.

Personal accident and sickness

Covers loss of income and selected benefits resulting from death by accident or permanent/temporary disability caused by an accident or illness. This cover will reimburse non-refundable medical expenses for volunteers, and councillors of Local Governments.

Salary continuance

Insures the salary of named key personnel who are disabled as a consequence of accident and/or illness. Payments are made to Local Governments to enable them to engage contract staff to fulfil key positions until the insured person can return to work.

Motor vehicle and plant insurance

Covers property damage caused to the insured vehicles/plant and damage to a third party’s vehicle or property caused by Local Government vehicles.

Corporate travel

Provides cover for employees, volunteer and elected members who travel overseas or within Australia on council business, policy cover expenses for overseas medical treatment, emergency medical evacuation, flight cancellation, baggage and personal effects.


Protects local government from internet based risk and more generally from risk relating to information technology infrastructure and activities.