New rules for public playgrounds Back

‚ÄčOutdoor areas like playgrounds, skate parks and outdoor gyms were closed overnight (March 31) after stage three restrictions were introduced by the WA Government.  

This was triggered following the Federal Government's latest advice on outdoor gatherings.

The WA government said these arrangements would be in place for a month, but after two weeks, a review will decide if measures need adjusting.  

If the local government can take reasonable steps to 'close' the outdoor space, then we would support and encourage that.

By reasonable, we would consider:

  • Can the playground be locked with an existing fence or gate?
  • Can highly visible signage inform the public the area has shut, noting that most parks and many playgrounds are not fenced
  • Communicate to the community through newsletters/social media
  • Advertise closures on the City's websites
  • Ensure any controls put in place do not introduce new hazards

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