Social distancing guide for rangers and depot workers Back

Workplaces are currently putting in place a range of social distancing measures. 

​Frontline depot staff and rangers should consider the following guide to achieve social distancing. 

Depot staff members should:

  • Follow the Australian Government Department of Health social distancing guidelines when working together and while speaking to a member of the public (pdf attached).
  • Considering having team meetings in outdoor areas and be aware of the two metre rule.
  • Local governments may consider staggering their start, finish and lunch times.
  • Staff should wear appropriate personal protective equipment eg. gloves while working.
  • Wash hands regularly throughout the day.
  • Keep two meters by two meters apart from fellow workers and the public at all times.

Social distancing considerations for rangers:

  • Follow social distancing guidelines (pdf attached).
  • If you are required to make contact with a surface like a car, you are required to wear gloves.
  • Consider hosting meetings via teleconferencing.
  • Keep two metres by two metres apart from fellow workers and the public at all times.