LGIS Services continue during COVID-19 disruption Back

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is disrupting everyone and every business across the country and LGIS is no different. Like our members, local governments across Western Australia, we're focused on protecting the health and well-being of our employees whilst maintaining the services we deliver.

LGIS has a business continuity plan that we regularly review, test, and evolve. Our COVID-19 response team meet regularly to monitor the current situation, enact necessary measures, and ensures we're implementing preparedness procedures across all aspects of our business.

We know that members rely on our services during times of trouble and we want to reassure you that we are doing everything we can to maintain services

Increased monitoring

LGIS is closely monitoring information from the Federal and West Australian government, risk management and business continuity experts. We are also engaging with a number of insurance industry groups, for idea sharing and best practices. 

Travel and client meetings

LGIS is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for employees and members, while maintaining high standards in order to protect and manage your risks. As part of this effort, we have introduced processes to review non-essential business travel for employees. We have also encouraged employees to exercise caution regarding any plans for personal travel to areas considered higher risk.

Member meetings continue to be an important part of our service offering. However, over recent years we have invested in video-conferencing technology so that we can virtually meet with you anytime, anywhere. Video-conferencing is available to all members who would prefer it at this time. We will still attend one-on-one meetings with members as long as all individuals involved are comfortable and where WA State Government travel restrictions permit.

Our offices – still open

LGIS' continuity plan ensures that services to members don't suffer during this time and that our staff are cared for.

Our offices are still open. We have introduced working from home measures for the majority of staff and those who choose to remain in the office have increased distance between work stations. We have also introduced elevated preparedness, awareness and promotion of hygiene in our office. This will mean that should any broad restrictions be placed on the Australian population our team will be able to support you and that you can speak and interact with our team as normal.

Guidance for councils

LGIS is working with WALGA to support our WA local government members. Both organisations have created pages with information on the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and the range of support services that we can provide.

LGIS: www.lgiswa.com.au.

WALGA: www.walga.asn.au (News, events and publications > news articles)

Information pages will be updated as the situation changes.

LGIS Key contacts

If you have any questions or would like to discuss further please contact your Account Manager.

Member Services

Andrew Grieg
Manager, Member Services
andrew.greig@lgiswa.com.au | 0427 380 072

Damien Gaughan
Account Manager
damien.gaughan@lgiswa.com.au | 0429 465 940

David Wood
Account Manager
david.wood@lgiswa.com.au | 0409 024 457

Ian Balfe
Account Manager
Ian.balfe@lgiswa.com.au | 0429 720 657

Leo Pezzotta
Account Manager
leo.pezzotta@lgiswa.com.au | 0438 212 436

Sandra Clohessy
Account Manager
Sandra.clohessy@lgiswa.com.au | 0428 846 080

Sara Mears
Account Executive
sara.mears@lgiswa.com.au | 9483 8819

Shaynee Donovan
Account Executive
shaynee.donovan@lgiswa.com.au | 9483 8848

General claims

Chad Cossom
Team Leader, General Claims
chad.cossom@lgiswa.com.au | 9483 8854

Udam Wickremaratne
Portfolio Manager, Liability and Property
udam.wickremaratne@lgiswa.com.au | 0418 419 451

WorkCare & bushfire

Carrisa Chung
Portfolio Manager, WorkCare & Bushfire Volunteers
Carrisa.chung@lgiswa.com.au | 0438 959 961

Barry Chaplin
Claims Manager
barry.chaplin@lgiswa.com.au | 0409 456 486 


Renee Wockner
Manager, WorkCare Services
renee.wockner@lgiswa.com.au | 0427 617 646

Ben Galvin
Risk and Governance Manager
ben.galvin@lgiswa.com.au | 0409 048 794

Emma Horsefield
OSH Program Manager
emma.horsefield@lgiswa.com.au | 0407 957 932                                 

Jordan Reid
Regional Services Manager
jordan.reid@lgiswa.com.au | 0419 943 324

LGIS Executive 

Jonathan Seth
Chief Executive Officer
jonathan.seth@lgiswa.com.au | 0408 925 072

Peter Hoare
Chief Operating Officer
peter.hoare@lgiswa.com.au | 0419 859 369

Pia Duxbury
Marketing & Communication Executive
pia.duxbury@lgiswa.com.au | 0429 474 479

Kelly Harvey
Finance Manager
kelly.harvey@lgiswa.com.au | 0438 855 352