Reducing honkey nut slips and trips Back

​Many trees native to Western Australia (such as various species of Eucalyptus trees) produce nuts and fruit, which drop onto the ground.

These nuts can create a slip, trip, and fall hazard for your community. Indeed, your LGIS WorkCare Scheme has the following statistics around honkey nuts contributing to workers' compensation claims:

  • 12 injuries over past four years
    • Average age of 55 years
    • Two female and 10 male
    • Body parts injured include ankles, knees, lower back, shoulder, upper limbs, and face
  • Total amount paid for these claims is $510,033 to date
    • One claim cost $235,712 (claim now closed), and another cost $193,978 (claim still open)

What can you do?

To reduce the risk of injuries arising from slips, trips and falls, your local government can enact the following measures:

  • Where possible trees should be pruned back to ensure the nuts don't fall on pedestrian access areas such as walkways and car parks
  • Where the trees cannot be pruned, consider alternative parking locations and designated walkway that is outside the area of fallen nuts
  • Ensure adequate lighting in the areas where the hazards are likely to exist
  • Ensure adequate housekeeping and clean up regime, especially after windy weather conditions and rain
  • Install adequate signage to warn employees/pedestrians of the impending hazard

For more information on how to manage these risks, contact the LGIS risk and governance team on 9483 8888.