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Exploring emerging and current risks for WA local governments

Is there any organisation more diverse in its operations than local government? From roads to waste and libraries to aged care, no two local governments are the same - but every LGIS member shares a commonality in risk exposures.

LGIS supports members every day in managing their risks and handling the claims when there's an incident. We have a helicopter view of what's happening in the sector and are in a unique position to see the trends across the sector.

The WA local government Risk Forum has been developed using this unique perspective to build capacity within the sector to address current and emerging trends.

Packed with speakers across a range of disciplines the forum will give you an understanding of:

  • Climate change, emergency management and liability implications
  • Strategic and operational cyber-risk management
  • Balancing liability and the public use of local government assets
  • Aquatic risk management
  • Managing high risk assets
  • Contract liability and potential exposures
  • WHS incident investigation – being prepared and getting it right.

LGIS deals with members every day, managing their liability, property and motor claims. This forum has been developed in direct response to our observations and aims to deepen attendees understanding and address the complex issues of risk management and liability.

This event is a must for all local government leaders, risk leaders and professionals and anyone involved in strategic and operational risk management.

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Event details

The LGIS Forum is a must for all WA local government leaders, risk managers and professionals.

Spaces are limited so bookings are essential.

Date: Tuesday 6 September, 2022
Time: 9:00am to 3:30pm (incl. morning tea and buffett lunch)
Cost: Full day - $230 (inc GST), Half day - $190 (inc GST)
Bookings: Online HERE
Queries: Contact Katie Campbell at