Volunteers – how are they protected? Back

​Volunteering is an integral part of our society, culture and history in Western Australia, and promotes a strong bond between local government and the community – harnessing people's time, interests and skills, which in turn provides benefits to the volunteer, the community and local government as a whole.

Volunteers are an invaluable part of what makes your local government function.  LGIS assists in ensuring that your volunteers are protected where possible whilst undertaking voluntary work.

Who is considered a volunteer?

A volunteer is a person who is registered with your local government and is authorised to perform voluntary work.  A volunteer from another organisation is not considered a volunteer for the purpose of the below information.

How are your volunteers protected?

Volunteers of a local government are protected by a number of the local government insurance policies:

  • In respect to personal injury, the personal accident policy provides lump sum payment for permanent injury, weekly wage replacement for temporary disablement, non-Medicare medical expenses, and some out of pocket following an accidental bodily injury.
  • Where a volunteer is using a local government vehicle during their voluntary work, the local government's motor vehicle policy will cover damage and the driver's liability.
  • If a volunteer damages third party property or causes injury to a third party in the course of their voluntary work, the local government's liability protection policy will respond to protect the legal liability of the volunteer.

The cover provided by these policies is subject to the terms and conditions of each policy.