Workforce engagement and change management

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Employee ​surveys

Asking your workers their perception of their workplace is a good way to help direct improvements for your organisation. It can be difficult to obtain useful information from your workers simply through meetings, discussions and observations. Many people find it difficult to put their views forward to management, especially if they see the feedback as negative. This is where confidential employee surveys are a great tool for you to gain a valuable insight into your workforce, their level of engagement and what areas / practices within your local government are impacting on workers satisfaction.

The LGIS employee surveys identify people risk issues such as communication, staff motivation, performance management and other human resource-related systems and processes in order to target strategies following the outcomes of the survey.

The surveys are conducted independently and confidentially to ensure your workers are comfortable to share their views about their working environment honestly and constructively. We will also work with you on the best way to provide feedback to your workers once the survey is complete. Most importantly, LGIS will consult with the key people in your organisation to interpret the survey results and devise targeted strategies to address issues identified in the survey.

Change management implementation and training

Change is an inevitable part of a modern day workplace. Dealing with change, however, is often not an easy process for both the employers and workers. Within the Local Government sector, over the years there has been many changes from large scale projects such as Local Government reform, introduction of integrated planning framework to local change projects such as introduction of new technology systems and an organisational restructure. It is critical to manage any change process effectively and appropriately to ensure successful outcomes as a result of proposed changes. More importantly, it will help to minimise the impact on staff morale, productivity and potential stress claims caused by poorly managed change initiatives in your workplace.

To assist you to implement successful change management initiatives, LGIS provides the following services:

  • Training workshops targeted at senior managers and supervisors on change management principles and practical strategies on supporting workers through changes in the workplace.
  • Training workshops targeted at workers on practical strategies to deal with change more effectively.
  • Consultation with project management teams and / or key stakeholders in your organisation on the human elements of change processes to identify workers related risks and recommend suitable strategies to mitigate these risks.
  • Undertaking pulse surveys during significant change process to measure workers engagement and concerns supported by recommendations to address the identified concerns.

Employee induction program

The first few months in a new job is fundamental to a worker's long term engagement. It is well researched that a well-structured induction program can greatly assist new workers to assimilate into their new workplace. The easier it is for new workers to adjust to their new working environments, the more likely they are going to be productive and engaged.

Local Government is a diverse sector in WA due to geographical challenges and the varying sizes of workplaces. Having an “off the shelf” induction program might not always be fit for purpose. A well-structured induction program will provide relevant information to a new worker about the culture of their new workplace, expectations on performance and provide a common understanding of desirable and undesirable behaviours in the workplace.

We will consult with you to review your current induction program and implement changes that are specific to your individual workplace.

All training workshops as outlined above are designed to be highly flexible to allow for the content and approach to be adapted to your local government. Please refer to the table below for more information on these training workshops.

Course managementDurationDescription
Change managementDepends on the organisation’s needs – can be completed over approx. 2 x 2 hour sessions with a feedback report and meeting with managementEquipping workers with the attitudes and skills to grow through and make the most of change.

** Disclaimer: Please note that these are examples of workshops that can be run. However all workshops are tailorable to your needs.

Safety Motivation

It is important we all play a role in maintaining safety motivation. A lack of safety motivation can negatively impact the entire workplace, leading to injuries, negatively impacting morale, increasing absenteeism, restricting growth and development, and reducing your ability to service your community. Workplace leaders, especially, play a vital role in establishing a climate where safety is always at the forefront of workers’ minds. Where workers are comfortable speaking up when hazards are identified and near misses are seen as learning opportunities; everyone is personally motivated and committed to effective ​safety performance.

The Safety Commitment Measure​ is a great place to start, and your LGIS human resource risk consultants can work with you to provide a snapshot of the perceptions and commitment of all levels of staff and management, measuring safety values, safety recognition, safety leadership, and active participation. From there, we can design a targeted approach to enhance the safety culture and safety motivation in your workplace.