Organisational stress prevention

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​​Stress audits

Being proactive is crucial when managing organisational stress. LGIS stress audits are a form of preventative intervention that will assist you to identify the “hot-spots” (key stressors) within your workplace. The findings guide us to work with you on implementing targeted strategies before these stressors manifest themselves in the form of stress leave, major mistakes, injuries and workers compensation claims.

A LGIS human resource consultant works with you to collect information from interviews, focus groups and a stress audit questionnaire. This will help gain an insight into organisational factors that may cause harmful stress to your workplace and workers. Upon completion of the stress audit we will provide recommendations to minimise stress in the workplace with the aim of increasing wellbeing, retention, performance and job satisfaction.

This is a five stage process as can be seen in the diagram below, where LGIS will work with you to identify the stressors within your workplace, and recommend relevant interventions to manage them. It starts with consulting with you to identify the current impact on the workplace, working with the senior management team to commit to improvement and then conducting the assessment. We will then review the outcomes and recommend key objectives with your input. For continuous improvement, there will also be a plan and a review process to monitor the success of the program on an ongoing basis.

The key to this process is the communication plan and having a collaborative approach.

In addition to stress audits, LGIS can also provide the following training workshops to help build your workforce's resilience and their ability to manage stress.

Course nameDurationDescription
Empowerment3.5 hoursEncouraging organisations to develop an empowered workplace culture.
Mental health awareness
  • 2 hours – staff
  • 3 hours - managers
Reducing the stigma of mental health in the workplace.
Stress managementVaries
  • 1 hour - are more informal ‘chats’
  • 2-3 hours - discuss stress issues and techniques in more detail
Reducing organisational stress by increasing knowledge and skills in preventing, identifying and handling stress and promoting self-care.

** Disclaimer: Please note that these are examples of workshops that can be run. However all workshops are tailorable to your needs.​