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Most leaders in workplaces know the importance of culture and that it drives performance, positive behaviour and good customer service. Only a few know how to foster and maintain a desirable culture within their organisations.

Culture is often considered the responsibility of the person in your organisation looking after human resources; because it is about people. Culture, however, is an important element that could have significant impact on every part of your day to day operations. Poor culture translates into unconstructive behaviour and this could mean non-compliance in terms of corporate governance and safety, under-performance, poor morale and high staff turnover.

To build positive culture, you need strong leadership and sound management skills. These skills need to be aligned with the culture you are trying to achieve and maintain. Every level of management within your organisation, from the CEO to front line supervisors needs to be a role model and communicate the desired behaviour consistently.

LGIS offers a range of different leadership and management training workshops to ensure your local government is equipped to manage day to day people issues. These include:

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Providing performance feedback
  • Change management
  • Managing inappropriate workplace behaviour
  • Creating high performing teams
  • Mediation and conflict resolution training

All training workshops as outlined above are designed to be highly flexible to allow for the content and approach to be adapted to your local government. Please refer to the table below for more information on these training workshops.

Please contact us on 08 9483 8888 or to discuss leadership and management skills workshops that can be of assistance to your local government.

Course nameDurationDescription
Alcohol and drugs policy
  • 2 hours – staff
  • 3 hours - managers
Supporting managers to respond to incidents and manage the issues related to alcohol and drugs in the workplace, based on policies and legislative requirements.
Bullying and harassment/ workplace behaviours/Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)
  • 3 hours – staff
  • 3.5 hours - managers
Providing real-life examples and case studies to assist managers to effectively manage workplace behaviours including dealing with discrimination, harassment and bullying.
Change managementCan be completed over approx. 2 x 2 hour sessions with a feedback report and meeting with managementSupporting managers to develop strategies to support and manage change, including overcoming resistance
Communication3.5 hours (ideally full day)Supporting senior management to understand their own communication styles and how to develop effective workplace communication.
Empowerment3.5 hoursSupporting managers with the skills to contribute to an empowered workplace culture.
Getting it all done – time management 3.5 hoursSupporting managers with effective time management skills to support their workers. This workshop includes how to prioritise, delegate, minimise time wasting activities and manage distractions and technology.
Managing performanceMust be 1 full day Developing your managers’ ability to provide timely constructive feedback, while understanding how the ‘Performance Management System’ operates in the organisation.
Managing return to work (Non-work related)1 full daySupporting managers and supervisors in assisting their staff to return to work following non-work related absences. This includes understanding the legislation and their responsibilities, developing a return to work program and step by step processes.
Mental health awareness
  • 2 hours – staff
  • 3 hours - managers
Supporting managers to deal with staff members who are experiencing mental health issues and how these can be managed in the workplace.
Mental skills training90 day program – can be coaching or facilitated workshopsAssisting managers to better support themselves in the face of hassles; in and outside of the workplace. This can be one-on-one training or a group program.
Operational leadership3-6 module program of full or ½ day workshopsEnhancing the skills of those in leadership roles through building capacity, competence and resilience.
Performance appraisal3.5 hoursFocusing on organisational expectations, procedures, forms and policies as well as how to effectively provide feedback.
Performing under pressure3.5 hoursProviding managers with skills on how to assist themselves and also to support their workers in building resilience and adopting strategies to manage stress. This includes effectively managing priorities and developing skills to reduce pressure.
Stress managementVaries
  • 1 hour - are more informal ‘chats’
  • 2-3 hours - discuss stress issues and techniques in more detail
Providing practical strategies for managers to recognise and manage their own and workers stress levels.

** Disclaimer: Please note that these are examples of workshops that can be run. However all workshops are tailorable to your needs.