Bushfire risks

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You have a major role to play, along with multiple stakeholders, in the management of bushfire risks. This role is across the prevention, preparedness, response and recovery phases.

The consequences of bushfire risks often manifest during times of crisis so we encourage you take a proactive approach to allow informed decisions to be made and adequate responses to be prepared prior to them eventuating.

We can assist you to fulfil your role with support and services to:

  • Prepare bushfire risk rating
  • Designate high risk bushfire areas
  • Develop bushfire risk management policy and procedures
  • Prioritise and implementing bushfire risk management plans and treatment strategies

For more information on your roles within the state-wide bushfire risk management planning program led by Department of Fire and Emergency Services please refer to the Office of Bushfire Risk Management

For more information please contact the risk and governance services team on 08 9483 8888.