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‚ÄčLocal governments have significant potential for risks, and it is imperative to be prepared for these risks.

Recently, CEOs and senior executives of local governments around Australia were asked what they believe to be their top risks. This information was analysed in conjunction with national local government data, and with LGIS' contribution, the 2019 public sector 'Key Risk Indicator Report' is now available.

The findings detail the complexity of local government operations, with top issues including:

  • Financial sustainability
  • Cyber incidents/IT infrastructure
  • Reputation risks
  • Natural catastrophes/climate change
  • Property and infrastructure management
  • Increased statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Ineffective governance
  • Business continuity and community disruption
  • Effective human resources/work health safety management
  • Environmental management
  • Errors/omissions or civil liability
  • Theft, fraud and crime
  • Terrorism

This report is available in full here. For any assistance or further information, please contact your member services account manager.